miércoles, diciembre 2

Assigment 7 : Report

To: Director
From: Paula monsalve
Date: November 28th, 2009
Subject: Common Room

This report is concerned with the common rooms that you want to set up to English students class. I have been thinking about your idea and I have looking for the best common room to us and I have found an excelent room on the second floor, the number 223.

The advantages are as follow:
-It's a warm room
-It's very comfortable and lighting
-It's bigger than others
-It's conected with first floor near refectory
-It's near the toilets
-It's near way out

I would suggest you to visit this room because you will notice that these aspects are for real and the most important thing is that students will be grateful for this remedial action they may watch tv programs in english or listening music in english of course.
On the other hand,It must be equipment correctly and makes use of it daily.

There is no doubt that this idea will help to students to develop the skills of english and have a place only for them the room has to be doing up as soon as posible.

I will be waiting for your reply.

Yours faithfully

Crime and Environment

Nowdays the most relevant concer about crimes is to lear fighting and preventing them to happen. Everybody must be cautius when they keep their something in their pocket or in their handbag, it pickpocketing .
I think that it is an important and common in our country a lot of tourist arrive to our country they don't know it and they are trusting and vague,it is very common in restaurante and streets at downtown. the robber sometime acts in gang they are clever for finding to your victims.
It crime punished for the law they were sented to jail but sometime people take the law into one`s own hands. I think that it isn`t good idea becouse the fight crime with more crime is ridiculous and dengerous for the victims.
I came to the conclusion that there are generally three different types of burglars. The professional, the semi-professional and the amateur. They are often male teenagers who don´t have studies and your family involve crime spend all your time damaged to innocent people and stealing your belongings aggressive way.

martes, noviembre 17

Assignment6:Formal Transactional letter.

Dear Sir or Madam,

The reason for my letter is about your report about last monday's demonstrations. I read it very carefully and I realised that you have missed some important facts and some of them are completely incorrect.

Firstly,you have to consider in your report that if the people accept this proposal,although more than 2,000 disagreement, they will be leading to the destruction of woodland that has more than 100 years,and of course they are making a damage to the animals and species so special as snails and foxes.

On the other hand, to make mathers worst, you said that the protesters were chanting slogans and actually it was a silent demonstration. And you even reffered to the "troublemakers" ,as you called them, as only un employed youngters. This is not quite right because many of them were local residents.

As you can see,the information that appears in the newspapers and other kind of means of communication needs to be real and specific.
If you need more details about what happened that day or my opinion about this kind of demonstration I am available for interview at any time.
I look forward to recieving and answer from you because I think that people deserve to know the truth.

Your faithfuly,

viernes, noviembre 6

Environmental Survey

1-Is the government worried about these kind of problems?Have they taken precautionary measures?

2-Which are the most important environmental problems that exist in your country?

3- What do you know about global warming?

4- What do you think about extinction of flora and fauna?

5- What do you think about alternative solar energy sources?

6-What is the best method to prevent eviromental pollution for you?

7-Do you really think this world is ending or youn think is just an exageration? Why?

8-Do you recycle paper, cans, bags or other materials or just you give good use to materials like cloth bags?

9-Do you agree with the urban sprawl? Why?

10-What alternative energy sources would you think is better for our city?

The Eaeth and environment

Last Summer with my boyfriend we were travelling toward Mendoza Argentina .we visited a lot intresting places.we spend about six hours,and then we were crossing The Andes.In this moment the weather was so cold ,strong wind and it began fine rain.I got nervous,fidgety and so frightened becouse the strong wind shook our estate car.So,we decided to wait half an hour ,but the strong wind didn't stop .Anyway,we continued our travel but in the middle of the road in it was still raining.

It was distresing becouse other passengers were very frightened and it was a queue of cover car with snow.

However,It was a exciting trip to Mendoza when we arrived in the end of road we looked at sky and it was very clear and a brilliant sunshine.we felt happy and out of danger.

It experience was extraordinary,the Andes is marvellousand ,huge and I come back to do it

jueves, octubre 29

What can ordinary people do to help in the fight against crime?

It's incredible how every day around 10 criminals are walking free on the street and nobody does anything to stop it!

It is regrettable that every day we can see how some murders ,vandal and hijacker are making the same crimes and don't have the punishment to go to prision.So, the mission is to create a change in the procedures and kind of punishes.It involve to increase the years of penalty for each crime and we must join as society for fight crime.
A few month ago,12-year-old Cristobál (cisarro) vandal who set fire to litter bins and strayed paint on parked cars who has escaped correctional facility drinks alcohol and smoke.it sounds unlikely,doesn't it?

It is sad that impulsive children,blinded by the temptation of immediate reward and largely untrobled by the possibility of delayed or uncertain punishment.
Unfortunately,the improvement of education in this country is worse and worse it is the most important factor.As well,too the parents´relationship with their teenager those causes effects of society and themself.

But,how can we act about this problematic? Clearly,this solution must be urgent and effective.One of they is very simple to have more policeman guarding the streets, the houses,banks,parks but those must have a plan and strategies more efective for example that all criminal have a GPS in your bodies for find them more easily.Another solution is organize with our neighbors and create a guard system where theirselves care the other houses and they have a direct number with city police .
On the other hands,they must search each suspicious people are walking on the street.Also,another intresting solution is use of tecnology could be to put up camera into your home and watch throught your cell phone what is happening into of it immediately.

To conclude the most important is all neighbourhood join together for a same objetive fight crime and remenber that violence with violence never is the best solution solve the problems but living in peace and be free is the right of all.

jueves, octubre 8

second letter

Dear Mr or Mrs,

Thank a lot for the information you 've sent me in your letter.Iwas very exciting to hear that

I'd prefere travel only July because my passaport expire but the next week I'll resolve it.
and prefere to camp California rather than Cabins becouse it is very confortable and seffer.

I'd prefer to swimming rather than golf becouse is very intresting I have a swimming course.

I have some question for you.What kind of clothes need for the trip so the weather is very important to me.

your faithfully,
Competion Organizer