lunes, septiembre 14

Answers of story

A. What are some things that Miriam definitely should have done before she left on her trip?

-She should have packed the night before.

-she should have sleeped the night before.

-she should have organized her trip before.

B. What are some other things that Miriam could have done to make her trip more enjoyable?

-she could have looked for a travel agency and have gotten a comfortable hotel and not only have

taken a guidebook.

-she could have researched about Indonesia.

-she could have stayed near Bukit Lawang on the island of Sumatra for visit the orangutan rehabilitation center.

C. What should she do now?

-I think she should take a boat ride from Jakarta to Medan and after rent out a boat and arrive
on the island of Sumatra to visit and help the orangutan rehabilitation center.

jueves, septiembre 3

The best way to travel in

the best way to travel in southward of Chile is by motorbike because you can visit anywhere that you want.
In my opinion it is exciting and adventurous you can feel free and you can travel long distances and is cheaper could be you spend $300.000 pesos than traditional ways to travel.
Another aspect you can travel light and you can stop when you want and to buy some provisions in street market if you travel with anybody it can be very fun.
In this way you can go in to a city and explore each place and acquire knowledge and life experience it is fun.
However, you must have a driving license and ckeck lubricating oil,brake and tyres for you have a good journey and you enjoy each moment.
Despite a lot of people think that it way to travel is very risky and unconfortable you must live this experience and you are really keen on adventure and you must have a set of driving equipment.
In conclusion,travel by motorbike is more fast and you can arrive more easy to your fate.

Travel Narrows the mind

Do you agree with the write's opinions?
I don't agree with the writer because journey brodens the mind and widens people's horizons and it's not nonsense.In fact explore other places and know other cultures it's necessary for streghten your mind and your soul.So you can see reality about the people and their lifestylethe other hand I agree with writer that you can really learn anything about foreign countries by living and working in them but it's not object to.If you travel must explore everywhere and live each sensation and remember that the world has frontiers but you don't.