jueves, junio 25

Questions about your Parents :

1-who do you look up to somebody of your family? why?

2-Have you ever been badly let down of your family? how long was it?

3-where did you grew up? do you still visiting this place?

4-when you was junger,did you got up with you toy?

5-why your parents told off when you were child?

6-who of your parents are the most cofident?why?

7- which had been the best time with your parents?

8-how often do you have dinner with your parents?

9-do you have any pet in your at home?why?

10-what think about you family?

jueves, junio 18

Dear Sir/Madam,

I saw the advertised in the main street for a job in a Coastal Campsites as Swimming Pool Attendants in this summer and I would like to apply for this year.
I am Paula Monsalve and I have 21 years old, I recently completed a course first aid.my level of English is intermediate I know quite a bit about waterpolo. For the past two years I have attented summer camps in my city I am particularly interested in organize sport.By the way,how many hours do I have to work ? I would like to work shifts because I am just study for at night and how long is the contract for?if you want I can start the next month.

I like being part of a team and I would love to have a go at working in a foreign country.
I hope you will consider my application favourable.
I am avaible for interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you soon.

yours faithfully

sábado, junio 13

my boyfriend and I had been travelling southwards of the cuntry during the night .we went in his truck in which it breakdown the main road it intersected for a woodland.
we were losing in the middle of this ,he was ripairing the truck while I was looking for firewood because we had been desired our holidays we had seen on travel brochure of wonderful place where we made one's way.we couldn't go out until we had repaired the truck so we decided to camp in this place until the next day.

the follow days we woke up and saw a lovely woodland a lot flowers, enormous tree I was thinking in a paradise it was wondefull in this moment the sun was shining as a aphere .I had never been so surprised in all my life.I thought that it was UFO.

jueves, junio 4

Type of film:Historical drama
Director:Darren Aronnofsky
Screemply:Darren Aronofsky, Hubert Selby Jr. (Novela: Hubert Selby Jr.)
Soundtrack:Clint Mansell
Cast:Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, Ellen Burstyn, Marlon Wayans, Christopher McDonald, Louise Lasser, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Janet Sarno, Suzanne Shepherd, Dylan Baker, Keith David, Peter Maloney.

Requiem for a dream is a type of film historical drama its plot be based in the typical American dream incredible special effects for its origen way to relate the history of drug and the efects of it.In a intense and dramatic relate of three friends in looking for of better life.while Harry (Jared Leto) live with his mather torment herself Sara (Ellen Burstyn), she is to go on a diet for day that she achieves her dream to take part favorite program tv .the ambition of Harry and his girlfriend Marion (Jennifer Connelly) they make rish selling drug with his friend Tyrone (Marlon Wayans), and use profitsto set up a bisiness but never arrive of enough money begin his plan. So Harry and Marion don't resign theirself to live a despicable life, Anyway they will do all for get the life that they decire.In my opinion this film we teach that the excesses and be dependente on drug It distance our freedom this leads me to believe that human being need more affection and appreciation oneself as person and we must know that we aren't alone in the world .I would advise it .