domingo, mayo 10

hello Maria,

I hope that you are very well.Here are my directions.

When you come into the airport you're on Vespucio Norte.Go along this street,past the bus station on the right and take it(it's inexpensive 1,500) .Then go over the bridge (the river is on your right now).Go along Costanera Norte for about 100 metres and turn left.At the end of the street you can see my apartament it's opposite the supermarket.You can`t miss it.
If you came the next month,the weather like will be cloudy when you get there so you must pack up sweat shirt, some track suit,a jacket,a scarf ,may be a wooly hat and a part of shoes.

Anyway,I hope you are very well with your pregnancy.I will wait for you with a special dinner.

Best wishes
Paula monsalve

sábado, mayo 9

jueves, mayo 7

the computer has greatly improved our lives today

First of all the computer had developed, organize and procces our ideas.Our society used it in our place of work and everyday.Moreover it had had many advantages and drawback but of course nothing is perfect!.

On the positive side,we can communicate with people online and we can look up different information updating and intertainment.People used it for can find someone or something through the web.Another advantage there are model different that we can trasport it to different places.

On the negative side,the computer we prevent think and analyse our ideas for ourselves.Another disadvantage is if we are a lot time in front of the computer,our sight will have any problems in the future. Some people have an obsetion about it and their lives depent of this.Finally,some people feel that the computer has a lot drawback in use its and it use a lot energy.

In conclusion,the computer had chance during ages and it make easy our lives,but we must know that it is our tool work and one form that we can be contacted with the world.