miércoles, diciembre 2

Crime and Environment

Nowdays the most relevant concer about crimes is to lear fighting and preventing them to happen. Everybody must be cautius when they keep their something in their pocket or in their handbag, it pickpocketing .
I think that it is an important and common in our country a lot of tourist arrive to our country they don't know it and they are trusting and vague,it is very common in restaurante and streets at downtown. the robber sometime acts in gang they are clever for finding to your victims.
It crime punished for the law they were sented to jail but sometime people take the law into one`s own hands. I think that it isn`t good idea becouse the fight crime with more crime is ridiculous and dengerous for the victims.
I came to the conclusion that there are generally three different types of burglars. The professional, the semi-professional and the amateur. They are often male teenagers who don´t have studies and your family involve crime spend all your time damaged to innocent people and stealing your belongings aggressive way.

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