martes, noviembre 17

Assignment6:Formal Transactional letter.

Dear Sir or Madam,

The reason for my letter is about your report about last monday's demonstrations. I read it very carefully and I realised that you have missed some important facts and some of them are completely incorrect.

Firstly,you have to consider in your report that if the people accept this proposal,although more than 2,000 disagreement, they will be leading to the destruction of woodland that has more than 100 years,and of course they are making a damage to the animals and species so special as snails and foxes.

On the other hand, to make mathers worst, you said that the protesters were chanting slogans and actually it was a silent demonstration. And you even reffered to the "troublemakers" ,as you called them, as only un employed youngters. This is not quite right because many of them were local residents.

As you can see,the information that appears in the newspapers and other kind of means of communication needs to be real and specific.
If you need more details about what happened that day or my opinion about this kind of demonstration I am available for interview at any time.
I look forward to recieving and answer from you because I think that people deserve to know the truth.

Your faithfuly,

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