viernes, noviembre 6

Environmental Survey

1-Is the government worried about these kind of problems?Have they taken precautionary measures?

2-Which are the most important environmental problems that exist in your country?

3- What do you know about global warming?

4- What do you think about extinction of flora and fauna?

5- What do you think about alternative solar energy sources?

6-What is the best method to prevent eviromental pollution for you?

7-Do you really think this world is ending or youn think is just an exageration? Why?

8-Do you recycle paper, cans, bags or other materials or just you give good use to materials like cloth bags?

9-Do you agree with the urban sprawl? Why?

10-What alternative energy sources would you think is better for our city?

1 comentario:

  1.,the government is worried about another kind of problems.It is a little complicated for them to resolve.
    2. The most important is the pollution
    3. Really,I don't know nothing about it.
    4. It is so sad,because there will not be life.
    5.It is a good tool and invent for nowaday.
    6.I think that is necessary to create a system for cars,because they pollute a lot .
    7.I think that it is going to end not yet.
    8.Not I don't
    9.yes,It is necessary
    10. I don't know