viernes, noviembre 6

The Eaeth and environment

Last Summer with my boyfriend we were travelling toward Mendoza Argentina .we visited a lot intresting places.we spend about six hours,and then we were crossing The Andes.In this moment the weather was so cold ,strong wind and it began fine rain.I got nervous,fidgety and so frightened becouse the strong wind shook our estate car.So,we decided to wait half an hour ,but the strong wind didn't stop .Anyway,we continued our travel but in the middle of the road in it was still raining.

It was distresing becouse other passengers were very frightened and it was a queue of cover car with snow.

However,It was a exciting trip to Mendoza when we arrived in the end of road we looked at sky and it was very clear and a brilliant sunshine.we felt happy and out of danger.

It experience was extraordinary,the Andes is marvellousand ,huge and I come back to do it

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